Thursday, December 6, 2007

How is Counter Strike like Golf

There are many ways, I feel, Counter Strike is similar to golf
  • Expensive outlay of cash for good initial equipment. What is the price of a 8800GTX these days, or a set of Pings.
  • they both usually involve drinking beer
  • both can take long periods of time
  • both can be very frustration, but we still play anyways
  • lots of intense action, followed by long periods of waiting. You set up, hit your ball, then walk 10 minutes to find it.
  • wives/girlfriends/spouses get mad when we play too much
  • upgrades are needed to enhance performance. These usually do not help.
  • neither are a real athletic sport
  • the both usually involve swearing
  • they are mainly a male sport
  • sport related injuries affect wrists and forearms
  • there are professional league with stars
  • these stars can give private lessons for a fee
  • no matter how good you think you are, there is always someone better
There are some areas the CS is not like golf
  • we don't handle our balls during play
  • CS is not a real-time face to face social sport
  • CS is almost exclusively played indoors
  • CS game play can be shorter
  • good players don't make big $$

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