Wednesday, November 21, 2007

OMG a subscriber

Wow, my first feedburn subscriber! I checked and it is not my Mom. It is not even Meterman; even my friends don't read my rantings. Welcome.

A Vegetarian's Trip to Las Vegas (Part 2)

Now back to the show..
Thursday was filled with good veggie eats and violence.
The buffet at the Luxor was full of great options for vegetarians. For $12 bucks we had omelets, scrambled eggs with great salsa, blackberries and waffles. Just be careful of wrapped pastries; some of them had ham in it. The apple crepes were very good. As always the tummies passed the test.

Then the men caught a cab to The Gun Store. The cab ride cost about $20. We chose this range over the Discount Firearms range; we were not sure why but are sure glad we did. In was a very well run indoor gun range focused on the tourist business. Almost assembly line, yet personalized. You walked up the counter and choose your weapon of choice, then your target, paid your money, grabbed eye and ear protection before someone lead you into the range to set you up. Meterman choose the MP5, a glock and an AK47. Flavius went high end and got a Desert Eagle, P90 and the AK47. A very, very fun time; not cheap though. Most of the free Las Vegas entertainment magazines have a $5 coupon to use at the store; we forgot ours. They even let us bring in our video cameras.

After drinking a few beers in our hotel room (Mandalay Bay), we got a call from our ladies in the Caesars Forum. They felt we should walk to the Cheese Cake Cafe and meet them for lunch. Sure, we were up to a 1/2 hour fast walk. The Cheese Cake Cafe had lots of options for veggies; we shared the edamame and tamale cakes. Both were very good and two people easily shared them. They also had Fat Tire Amber Ale ON TAP! No review on this one; all I will say is that this beer is my favourite. It is a lighter, Belgian inspired ale. I only wish I could find this beer on a regular basis.

In part 3 we will reveal the gastronomic hedonism that was Micheal Mina vegetarian menu.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Devils Elbow IPA - Howe Sound Brewery

Named after some class 3-4 rapids in Squamish, BC; this big one litre beer is a definite hoppy menace.

Taste +3

Flavius gave this intensely hoppy IPA a +4. He liked the hard smack of hops which quickly vanished to reveal a very smooth malty finish.

Meterman rated this beer at a +2. While not being too keen on IPAs, he felt that it had some good flavours. Even if one of them was slightly metallic.

Aftertaste +2

Unlike other IPAs, this amber brew filled the mouth but it didn't linger very long.
Meterman felt that this was the best part; that he didn't have to taste it for any longer than necessary.

Alcohol Content 0

At 6% the alcohol content was not noticeable. But if you drank the whole one litre, it might be.

Value +2

We had to give it a positive score because it was free. Thanks for the present Dark J. Narsgakk. If hard pressed, Meterman might have bought one.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Stats went up and there was good chatter in the shire. We both had a great night. After a few beers, we wish we had that urinal installed in the LAN room.

Overall Rating +8

For an average beer, surprisingly this got our highest score. I guess free beer dose taste better.