Sunday, November 18, 2007

Devils Elbow IPA - Howe Sound Brewery

Named after some class 3-4 rapids in Squamish, BC; this big one litre beer is a definite hoppy menace.

Taste +3

Flavius gave this intensely hoppy IPA a +4. He liked the hard smack of hops which quickly vanished to reveal a very smooth malty finish.

Meterman rated this beer at a +2. While not being too keen on IPAs, he felt that it had some good flavours. Even if one of them was slightly metallic.

Aftertaste +2

Unlike other IPAs, this amber brew filled the mouth but it didn't linger very long.
Meterman felt that this was the best part; that he didn't have to taste it for any longer than necessary.

Alcohol Content 0

At 6% the alcohol content was not noticeable. But if you drank the whole one litre, it might be.

Value +2

We had to give it a positive score because it was free. Thanks for the present Dark J. Narsgakk. If hard pressed, Meterman might have bought one.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Stats went up and there was good chatter in the shire. We both had a great night. After a few beers, we wish we had that urinal installed in the LAN room.

Overall Rating +8

For an average beer, surprisingly this got our highest score. I guess free beer dose taste better.


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You write very well.

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