Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Baltika #3 (Russia)

DA! Now for something completely different, Baltika #3; a classic Russian beer. At least that is what the label states.

Taste +1

It is very hard to describe the tasting of this beer because it doesn't seem to have one. Lets say it is mildly hoppy; kinda like a watered down Belgian.

Meterman says "Wow, this beer is bland!"

Aftertaste 0

When there is no taste how can there be an aftertaste.

Alcohol Content 0 6-4%

At 4.8%, you can hardly call this brew a heavyweight, but at least you can't taste the alcohol.

Value 0

At least it was cheap at $2.50 for 500ml.

Ingame Enhancement -1

The delta took a hit, the wallet took a hit and the liver took a hit; all for no taste at all.

Overall Rating 0

A pleasant coating of hops that quickly vanishes.
Meterman says, "The label says no preservatives. Maybe they should of added some; it might have preserved the flavour."
Generally beers are not distilled. It tastes like this one was.

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