Friday, October 31, 2008

Double Dragon Welsh Ale

Meterman: I find myself saying this too often; What the hell are you doing Flavius?
Flavius: I have seen the prophet and I am building a shrine to honour him.
M: This shrine is just a beer bottle in a cut out six-pack box.
F: You do not understand the way of the CapFlu
M: So why is this person the prophet of beer?
F: He has sampled the nectar for over 3300 beers and recorded his tales in register of the Sacred Ale.
M:WOW. 3300 beer reviews on is impressive. Hopefully this person is not from Waco.
F: Nope, lives here in Victoria, so I may have come into contact with greatness.
M: I am certain you have, as certain as I am standing here.
F: I don't get it.
M:Didn't think you would, review the beer you idiot.

Double Dragon from Felinfoel Brewery in Wales, claims to be the 'National Ale of Wales". I have been to Wales and never seen this beer; hopefully it is better than our 'National Ale'.

Taste +3

There is a nice mild nose of hops and malt. The brew tastes just like it smells and reveals a full mouthful and only a slight bitterness. There is a bit more carbonation that expected.

Aftertaste +1

The taste fades quickly, leaving a slight sharp hoppiness on the roof of the mouth.

Alcohol -1 4.2%

Oh well, you can't win them all

Value 0

This was one of the beers brought back from Bottleworks in Seattle. So sadly, I doubt I will be seeing this one again.

Packaging +1

Very cool double dragon artwork on the label, very nice.

M: Ok Flavius this is really reaching low, review on the bottle appearance. Next there will be a category for how it feels when you 'accidently' sit on it.

Overall 4/10

Despite the low score, it is a great beer. I wish I could easily get more.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mill Street Coffee Porter and Celebrity Appearances

Flavius: Good news Meter, all our hard work has paid off. We made a guest appearance on another website, the Canadian Shire.
Meterman: You idiot, it can't be a guest appearance if you post your crappy articles there anyways. It is mostly your hard work; sometimes quality is not a product of quantity.
F: This is different, we make an appearance as hockey game announcers.
M: Does it pay anything? What do you know about hockey anyways?
F: No and not much, but we have to start slow. I hope our rise to fame will be a viral thing.
M: I hope your trip to the hospital with be a viral thing. By the way here is you birthday present; I got you a coughing bird from Asia.
F: I thought you would be happy about our increased exposure.
M: I am happy, happy that no one will actually read these articles. Just review the beer before I hurt you.

I have been very impressed by this micro-brewery's Wit beer in a previous post. It was to my great delight that I found this bottle in the back of the sacred CLAN ARC beer fridge, which was recently decimated by a playstation GRID and Beer night.

Mill Street Coffee Porter

Taste +3

This is certainly a coffee brew (porter/stout); black and thick with a nose of dark chocolate. The taste is just like the nose, bitter sweetness of dark chocolate with a tangy espresso/coffee addition. It is not a beer that you can drink a lot of.

Aftertaste +1

You are left with a very nice lingering of little bitterness that warms the belly. Is that licorice I taste?

Alcohol Content 5.5% 0

Not a heavy weight by any means, but at least it isn't light.

Value 0

I got it at Penny Farthing Spirit Merchants so I know it was not cheap. I forget how much it cost, I'm certain the CLAN ARC financial department is aware.

Ingame Enhancement +1

I actually got on the Shire tonight and racked up a 40+ score, mostly by pwning PK.

Overall 5/10

This is a good beer to pair with a piece of good dark chocolate; most definitely an after meal beer. I'm certain it would taste great with a tiramisu.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mort Subite Gueuze (Lambic)

Meterman: I find myself saying this too often; "Flavius what the fuck are you doing?"
Flavius: With the down turn in international equities, I am repositioning my assests in tangible precious metals.
M: Stop reading from the National Enquirer and answer my question again.
F: I'm selling all my stocks and buying gold.
M: Normally I would say this is wise, but nothing you ever do is wise. This is painfully apparent because you are balancing two "gold" bullions in one hand.
F: These are the lightweight versions, I got them off Ebay from a dealer in China. They came with a free case of condensed milk.
M: I'm having second thoughts about trying your Key lime pie.

Mort Subite - Gueuze (Belgian Lambic)

Taste +3

This is a standard Lambic style, but well done. There are sweet flavours of apples, caramel and cherries. It has an almost effervescent mouth to it. This is contrasted with a slight, very slight sourness. There is an uneventful lager nose.

Aftertaste 0

There is almost none to speak of, except for a slight fizzy cherry taste.

Alcohol Content 4.5% 0


Value -1

This brew was almost $4 for 375ml. Not a bargain at all.

Ingame Enhancement 0

I think I have to leave this criteria out, because I actually rarely play Call of Duty and review beers any more.

Overall Score 2/10

This would be a nice summer beer to try and impress girls. As I stare at an empty can of Holsten festbock, I came to realize that I could have bought two cans for the price of one lambic. That would have been a smart investment.