Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mill Street Coffee Porter and Celebrity Appearances

Flavius: Good news Meter, all our hard work has paid off. We made a guest appearance on another website, the Canadian Shire.
Meterman: You idiot, it can't be a guest appearance if you post your crappy articles there anyways. It is mostly your hard work; sometimes quality is not a product of quantity.
F: This is different, we make an appearance as hockey game announcers.
M: Does it pay anything? What do you know about hockey anyways?
F: No and not much, but we have to start slow. I hope our rise to fame will be a viral thing.
M: I hope your trip to the hospital with be a viral thing. By the way here is you birthday present; I got you a coughing bird from Asia.
F: I thought you would be happy about our increased exposure.
M: I am happy, happy that no one will actually read these articles. Just review the beer before I hurt you.

I have been very impressed by this micro-brewery's Wit beer in a previous post. It was to my great delight that I found this bottle in the back of the sacred CLAN ARC beer fridge, which was recently decimated by a playstation GRID and Beer night.

Mill Street Coffee Porter

Taste +3

This is certainly a coffee brew (porter/stout); black and thick with a nose of dark chocolate. The taste is just like the nose, bitter sweetness of dark chocolate with a tangy espresso/coffee addition. It is not a beer that you can drink a lot of.

Aftertaste +1

You are left with a very nice lingering of little bitterness that warms the belly. Is that licorice I taste?

Alcohol Content 5.5% 0

Not a heavy weight by any means, but at least it isn't light.

Value 0

I got it at Penny Farthing Spirit Merchants so I know it was not cheap. I forget how much it cost, I'm certain the CLAN ARC financial department is aware.

Ingame Enhancement +1

I actually got on the Shire tonight and racked up a 40+ score, mostly by pwning PK.

Overall 5/10

This is a good beer to pair with a piece of good dark chocolate; most definitely an after meal beer. I'm certain it would taste great with a tiramisu.

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