Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Phillips Surly Blonde Ale Review

This is one of our favourite brew, but we are usually too busy drinking it to give it a proper review. Brewed by a handful crazy guys in Esquimalt; this amber ale is sure to please.

Taste +4
This is sure a belgian-style; big flavours of berries and fruit over a heavy wheat base. It does a great job at hiding the heavy alcohol content. This is not for the light beer crowd.

After taste +1

A nice lingering tastes of dried fruits. It leaves a light coating on the tongue.

Alcohol Content +1

At 9.1% this beer is a slap to the face. But it is very hard to taste the alcohol content. Be very careful with this one; it is easy to drink a few very quickly. Then the next thing you know, you can't feel your forearms.

Value +1

I love the 650ml high alcohol content beer. It costs around $5 and it shares very well.

In-game enhancement

With a drop of over 100 points the alcohol content pushed my passed relaxed into the stupid range.
On a bright note I did deliver a nice headshot to Meterman across the train map. No haxs were used.

Overall rating 6 out of 10

I always have one of these in my fridge at all times. If I ever need a quick get me f'ed up beer; this is one a grab. Full of hard to describe flavours; if this were the only beer on my deserted island I would be a happy man. Had it been for a better night of fragging; this amber ale might have scored higher.

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