Monday, December 10, 2007

Howe Sound Father John Winter Ale and OMFG Readers

Deep within the Clan ARC lier (aka Flavius' kitchen) there was much rejoicing.

Flavius - "OMFG we had readers of our blog. Your porn idea worked."
Meterman - "History repeats itself; it is your blog and it was your porn idea. Lesbians."
Flavius - "We need to do it again. I can write lots of material about lesbians; I saw Phantom of the Opera 24 times."
Meterman -"Those are thespians you dip-shit. Why do I keep hanging around with you?"
Flavius - "Well endowed beer fridge?"
Meterman - "Right! Nice porn intro. Get with the beer review."
Flavius -"Right you are. This one is a good one..

Howe Sound Brewery - Father John Winter Ale.

We like this brewery. It is local and the bottles are big and strong.
Meterman - "You mean erect and throbbing?"
Not really they are 1 litre in size and this monster brew was 8% alcohol.

Taste +4

This is a well done Winter Ale. This dark amber ale reveals tastes of pineapple, plum, vanilla and mulling spices. There is a very sweet, malty taste that balances these complex flavours.

Meterman -"This brew had so many flavours you could compare it to a triple jointed circus freak."
Flavius -"Hey those are great porn keywords. I search for those all the time!"
Meterman -"................ I will break this awkward silence by moving further away from you."

Aftertaster +2

There was a long lingering sweet malty taste. This was balanced nicely with a heavy alcohol aftertaste.

Alcohol Content +1

At 8% this brew is a sneaky one, but you can still taste the alcohol.

Value +1

At 8 bucks for one litre of great tasting beer, this is a stellar deal.

In-game enhancement +1

I'm sure the delta went up despite the blurred vision and lack of feeling in my arms.

This one get 9/10, almost perfect score. I went out and bought a few more.

Flavius -"Hey Meterman, where were all those porn references to increase our readership?"
Meterman -"I dunno, it seems kinda tired. We should try something new."
Flavius - "I noticed you used the word 'we'. We also only did one porn post, is the ADD acting up again?"
Meterman -"ADD what do you Hey you wanna play video games."
Flavius -"I rest my case."


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