Saturday, February 7, 2009

Green Flash Trippel and Friends From Afar

Meterman: I find myself saying this far too often, Flavius that the @#$# are you doing!
Flavius: I am getting ready ..OWW.. for the big Shire meet...OWW..
Meterman: Right, all our regular on-line gamers are meeting in RL for a few pints. I don' think they will care if your eyebrows are not plucked.
Flavius: So a back waxing will also be unnecessary?
Meterman: That might be nice for the Missess, but not needed for us.

Green Flash Trippel

Ratebeer 3.45 82th percentile
Beer Advocate B

Taste +4

This is a great Belgian style abbey ale. The nose is sweet with hints of prunes, raisin and malt. At first taste it is a very good and drinkable Belgian. You can pick up a mild spice (coriander, pepper) which sits on a firm bed of sweet citrus fruits and malt. This brew gave a full mouth, effervescent feel.

Aftertaste +1

There was a nice alcohol warmth that complimented the lingering fruit flavours. It was certainly a dry finish.

Alcohol +1 9.5%

The alcohol was hidden very nicely and only showed up as a warmth.

Value +1

I picked this 750ml bottle up at Brewery Creek. I will definitely buy this one again; it was in the $7-8 range.

Ingame Enhancement +1

You need to consume a lot of strong beer while trying to finish the blood harvest map on expert. It helps to calm the nerves. I have found that if you don't drink enough, you tend to call for your Mommy too often. Over 3000 zombies were harmed in the reviewing of the article.


If you like your Belgians, this one is a little brighter in flavour than the Trappists.

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