Sunday, September 22, 2013

Upcoming Beer School - They will Dry Hop Anything

Fall has arrived, GCBF is a distant memory so our spirits need to be lifted. The best way I know how is to supply great craft beers. We are in for a treat this month; the name for this beer school is "They will dry hop anything!" All hoppy beverages this time; notice that I did not say beer. There will be almost 1000IBUs at our table.
Email in early to reserve your spot ,Sunday, October 6th, 7:30ish  at Clive's Classic Lounge in the Chateau Victoria. Here is the list of the beers to be sampled:

1. Honeymaker - Dry Hopped Mead. 12.5% ABV (Portland, Maine). No typo here

2. Spur and Vine - Hopped Apple Cider by Square Mile Cider. 6.7% ABV (Portland, OR)

3. 3-Way IPA - Fort George/Gigantic/Lompoc 6.69% ABV (Astoria, OR)

4. Nelson Imperial IPA - Widmer Brothers 8.6% ABV (Portland, OR)
5.  Hop Crisis Imperial IPA - 21st Amendment Brewing 9.7%ABV (San Francisco, CA)

6. If we sell out, I'll grab an extra hop bomb for fun. 

As always you are there to learn. There will be history, glassware lessons, food pairing suggestions, a cheese plate to nibble on and prizes. The same format as always: bring a pen, your palate and $20.  Email me or leave a comment to reserve your spot . There will be only 20 spots for this event. Do not delay as these schools fill up quickly.. 

Please forward this to any other craft beer loving friends who might like to attend. As always plan for a safe trip home.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again,


Darrin G said...

Hello, I'm new to Victoria and Am very interested in this event. What is your email address as I would officially like to register and ask a couple of questions. Thanks.



Unknown said...

Thanks for tuning in Darrin
e me