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Saturday, September 29, 2007

AHLTV - All Hail Lord Techno Viking

I admit I watch You-tube at work (only when my work is done and nothing is going on). Usually they are the standard goofball crashing on a bike/skateboard/skis/rollerblades. Why are none of them ever wearing helmets? I never get tired of watching those hilarious Dr. Tran videos.
This one is by far the weirdest yet. All hail Lord Techno Viking. It is impossible to describe; I wish I could be this imposing. People would hand me water and fear the wrath of my bouncing pectoral muscles. Perhaps this will be the start of the latest on-line fad/cult.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Fresh Start

Well I gave up my website for a new format; free blogging space from Google. This is much cheaper but not as impressive. Maybe this is even better than my website, because my HTML skills stank. This was a lesson in if you don't use it you should lose it.
For all my loyal fans - all 4 of you - this is where my domain will redirect you. Perhaps 4 fans is a little bit of an exaggeration; if you exclude myself, Meterman, the cat and my imaginary friend that leaves zero. You must always start somewhere.
One day I will be like the guys at Penny Arcade, rich and able to play games all day. Until that time I will write crappy beer reviews.

Stay tuned.