Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back At It Again - Konig Ludwig Weissbier

Flavius : After a long absence Clan ARC are back at it again doing crappy beer reviews. Recently it was Earth Day, so I decided to try and drink beers that came in glass bottles. They are easier to recycle and do not contain the plastic lining that beer cans do. There is some concern about the Bisphenol A content leaching from this plastic lining and possibly leading to reproductive problems and lower IQ's.
Meterman: So you chose to get a beer from Germany. Do you know how much fossil fuels were used to bring that beer here? It is painfully apparent that you have already drank too many plastic beers.
Ha, after a few Faxes you will be too drunk to #$%, too stupid to #$%$ and shooting blanks anyways.

Flavius : Nice Dead Kennedy lyric drop.
Meterman: Hey, maybe you should drink more canned beer. That way you might not be able to breed anymore, it would be good for that whole world eugenics thing.
Flavius: So you are saying we need more smart, beautiful people like you and less dumb, ugly people like me.
Meterman: I don't give you enough credit sometimes. Yes, I'm beautiful and smart don't hate me for it.
Flavius: You are more conceited than a contestant on America's Next Top Model.
Meterman: Funny you should mention that, I have a lot in common with models, except one thing.
Flavius: What's that?
Meterman: 2000 calories a day.

Konig Ludwig Weissbier

Taste +3
Standard German white beer, but nicely done. There is a strong nose of wheat, honey, warm bread and bananas. This golden, cloudy brew gives a quick burst of flavour that mirrors the nose. Somehow it tastes a little hollow, but I am a big fan of the big stouts.

Aftertaste 0

The sweetness does not linger, nor does it change into a bitterness.

Alcohol Content 5.5% 0

Hardly a heavyweight, but that is not what you want in a light beer.

Value +1

It was $2.60 for 500ml, so a great deal for the flavour.

In-game Enhancement +1

That night I got over 50 kills for two rounds in a row. I'm sure it was because of this beer.

This golden beauty gets a 5/10, it would be perfect for a backyard-kick-back kinda day. Nice and light, yet flavourful.

Flavius: You didn't interrupt my review this time.
Meterman: I wasn't really listening, too busy playing COD.
Flavius: Don't you listen to anything I say?
Meterman: Of course I do.. What were you talking about again?


Dan Crocker said...

Next I want to see a review ... on a beer I tried when I was out there..
Philips IPA

Unknown said...

That will be next on our list, but you have two choices
1. Amnesiac IPA
2. Black Toque IPA

I like the Amnesiac best 8.5% not for the faint of heart.