Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Unibroue 17 can save the planet

Flavius: I felt so badly about the Earth day post, I decided to learn how to help save the planet.
Meterman: This should be amusing.
Flavius: I rushed out and rented Al Gores movie "An Inconvenient Truth".
Meterman: Please don't tell me you drove there. You drive a 85' Suburban and live two blocks away.
Flavius: Maybe I did. In my defense it was so hot that I had to put the A/C on.
Meterman: It frightens me to ask what you learned.
Flavius: I picked up lots of ideas. I installed a wind turbine and solar panels on my roof to generate electricity.
Meterman: But your house is shaded by trees and the only wind at your place comes out our ass.
Flavius: No problem. I cut down the old growth trees and bought a gas powered leaf blower to make the turbines spin.
Meterman: Here have another plastic beer, what else did you do?
Flavius: I am now using recycled paper in my printer.
Meterman: But you just bought a case last week..
Flavius: Oh yah, I threw that stuff out.
Meterman: Please tell me that was all.
Flavius: Oh no, I replaced all the old windows in my house with new double paned vinyl ones. I even composted the old windows.
Meterman: That might actually be a smart idea. Wait, how to you compost old windows.
Flavius: Just like kitchen vegetable waste, just cut it into smaller bits and send it back to where it came from:Mother Earth.
Meterman: Oh please don't tell me..
Flavius: Yup, I broke the glass into small pieces and buried in the playground sandbox. Meter, why are you crying?

I can see that my selfish acts have brought you to tears, so maybe you should drown your sorrows with a beer review. This one is special:

Unibroue 17

Every year the Unibroue brewery puts out a special edition anniversary beer. This one is truly exceptional. Most of their beers are.

Taste +4

This one is hard to describe, but bold is best word to use. So many flavours are present; the most notable are coffee and apricots. There is a nose of fresh spiced bread (coriander actually). A little bit of plums and bing cherries are apparent. Every sip is a new flavour.

Aftertaste +2

With flavours like these you do not want them to end, and they don't. Sweet molasses aftertaste that never ends.

Alcohol Content +1 (10%)

Watch out for this one , you can sip this one down quick because you can't taste the alcohol.

Value +1

Six bucks for 750ml, worth it. Even if you might have to work an hour to get one.

Ingame Enhancement +1

This dark, malty monster dulled the twitches enough for me to enter COD Flow. A Zen like state which produced two rounds of 50 kills. Hey back off, this is good for me.

Overall 9/10 BOOM HEADSHOT

I plan to go out and buy a few more of these before they are all gone. Maybe hide one somewhere and let it age. Live yeast brews age well, but I couldn't stare at this one too long.

Flavius: Oh, I almost forgot I did one last thing. I replaced all my old incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.
Meterman: Please tell me you didn't buried the old bulbs too.
Flavius: No they wouldn't grow tulips, so I wired them up on the roof to light the solar panels at night.

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