Thursday, March 24, 2011

Winter Warmer Beer School at Clive's

Beer is fun; beer school is more funner! I have never been passionate about grammar. A group of fellow passionate beer drinkers gather for regular lessons at Clive's Classic Lounge. This months topic was winter warmers. While there is no official BJCP or GABF style for the winter warmer, it does not stop breweries from producing stronger, malty beers. Usually they are officially classified as old English ales, strong American ales or bocks. They tend to be are sweeter/maltier, higher in ABV and might be lightly spiced. They are the perfect brew to take the edge of the winter chill.

As always mixologist extraordinaire Shawn, set us up with a cheese plate pairing and floor show. Shawn took my dare seriously and sabered a corked bottle of Les Trois Mousquetaires weizenbock open with a kitchen knife! No spillage; I wonder if he found the cork yet? As always there are no photos. This is not for confidentiality, it is because I always forget to snap off a few shots.

This nights line up was a great selection of winter warmers: Samuel Smith Winter Welcome, Ninkasi Sleighr, Les Trois Mousquetaires weizenbock, Hopworks Abominable Winter Ale and Elysian Winter Bi-Frost.

Needless to say everyone had a great time and are looking forward to the next topic: Imperial Stouts. Many had fun filling out their 33 Beers tasting books.

Lineup for the Imperial Stout school:

-Driftwood Singularity

-Eel River Raven's Eye

-Laguinatas Cappuccino Stout

-Jolly Pumpkin Dark Down Stout

-Great Divide Yeti Oak Aged Imperial stout (must find a second bottle)

-Homebrew from John at Basement Breweries. I might bring my own bottle hopped imperial treacle stout

-Mikkeller Beer Geek Weasel Highland Park. Yes this is not a typo, but only a small sample.

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