Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hoyner Pilsner (Hoyne)

I hate doing reviews like this. They equate me to some basement dwelling beer hater. Well.. I am in a basement but I do not hate this beer. However, I have had a few brews and a full dose of Battlefield Field 3 video game adrenaline rush: here it goes.
This beer lacks focus. It has too much flavour to be an American Pilsner. It was too sweet and unattenuated to be a German Pils. It is more in the Bohemian range. Perhaps it is just my West Coast palate crying out for more hops. There is a Victory Prima Pils in my fridge calling my name; perhaps the greatest beer I have ever tasted. My soul was crying for a local Prima Pils that could be obtained by the growler full. Forevermore contentment would fill my heart- and stomach. However I am being unfair; this is a tasty beer.

Hoyner Pilsner (Hoyne) = 4/10

This beer was sampled twice; in growler and bottle. Did I mention that I got growler #8? The aroma came across as faint with straw with some honey and a little lettuce (not DMS). Chewiness is not something I look for in a Pils, but the Hoyner had some. Each sip was a little on the honey/sweet side. There was enough honey, lettuce, spices and herbal goodness to keep the palate active. Normally Pils end like a door slam; this one lingered with a honey and straw slickness. Not unpleasant - just unexpected. People will like this beer, perhaps one of the best Pilsner styles produced in BC. Beer geeks might say: dry it out, add more late edition spicy hops and then call me.

Taste +2
Aftertaste +1
Alcohol Content 0
Value +1 (it is OK)
Appearance 0

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Adrian (@anyland) said...

I heard this brew described very similarly. On my list of beer to try for sure.

Dave S. said...

No diacetyl? My bottle had a tinge of it underneath the sweet hoppiness. Didn't pick up any DMS though.

Sadly, the best pilsner in BC is a seasonal from Steamworks, and only available in all of two places in Vancouver for a short time. Try it if you get a chance; you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Unknown said...

I don't get over to Van as often as I would like. Will check out Steamworks next time. Usually I hit 16th street then my friends basement.We need more decent pils in BC.