Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stout Beer School - Sunday Dec 9th

After an epic beer shopping trip to Seattle, it is time for the next beer school. This one will be all about stouts. Sorry, I don't have a clever name for this school. Perhaps a prize will be awarded to the person who comes up with the best name for this beer school.

Fall is upon us, and nothing keeps the chill away like strong stouts. The next beer school will be Sunday, December 9th, 7:30ish at Clive's Classic Lounge in the Chateau Victoria. Here is a list of the beers to be sampled:

1. Milk Stout by Left Hand Brewing (Longmont, CO) Sorry Janine, it is full of lactose

2. Celebration Stout - Imperial Irish Stout by Porterhouse Brewing (Dublin)

3. Cavatica Stout by Fort George Brewing (Astoria, OR)

4. Temptation Russian Stout by Durham Brewery (Bowburn, Durham, UK)

5. Guinness Foreign Extra 7.5% by my buddy Arthur (Yes is it the REAL foreign extra, now available in the States)

As always you are there to learn. There will be history, glassware lessons, food pairing suggestions, a cheese plate to nibble on and prizes. The same format as always: bring a pen, your palate and $20. Email me or leave a comment to reserve your spot. There will be around 18-20 spots for this event. If this event fills, and I'm sure it will quickly, I might attempt an experiment. It will involve a instantaneous stout nitrogen system.

Please forward this to any other craft beer loving friends who might like to attend. As always plan for a safe trip home.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again,

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