Where to Buy Pepper Spray for A Fashionista’s Self-Defense

Where to Buy Pepper Spray for A Fashionista’s Self-Defense

Ladies who love to be updated with the current fashion trends need not worry about personal protection. They can be donning the spring collection or carrying a shoulder bag of some famous designer and be still protected. Yes folks, there is a way to make fashion and personal protection work with each other. Use disguised self-defense weapons that is. There are stun guns that look like a mobile phone, a pen knife, and the one that caught my eye is a lipstick pepper spray.

Pepper sprays are the indubitable source of defense for fashionable women. It is a good self-defense mechanism to escape from an unwarranted attack, theft, mischief mongers and similar undesirable elements. If you are looking for drop shipping companies where to buy pepper spray, there are lots of them online. Lipstick pepper spray is the best you can use whenever you face danger or unexpected attack.

On the Internet, you will see pepper spray for sale, but the lipstick type is more ideal for women. You can use it to momentarily stun an opponent or attacker and while the attacker is immobilized, you can run to safety and get help. It gives you time to call the cop or daring bystanders.

It is very easy to use and easy to carry around in your pulse. It is not weighty. It is just like your usual lipstick and no one will suspect a thing when you tuck it in your bag. Its potency is unquestionably high and other chemicals in it increase the chances of apprehending the attacker.

One major reason you should give this pepper spray a try is that it is convenient and it is a perfect disguised pepper spray. When being attacked, simply remove the cap, point and press. That is all! Your attacker will be incapacitated and you can take a bolt and call for help. By now, you are probably wondering where to buy pepper spray that looks like a lipstick. No worries. You will find more than enough for sale online.

No doubt, pepper spray is hot and it is one of those things that should not be far away from your purse. Women are vulnerable to attackand it is your duty to pre-empt that. It helps you to dissuade your attackers without harming them beyond repair.

However, you should exercise caution while using lipstick pepper spray or any other pepper spray for that matter. Pepper sprays are not meant to be used like lethal weapon. This is what you should bear in mind at all time. These are meant for lesser evil that a woman might be subjected to. As you know defense is the best form of attack. By being ready to dissuade those who must learn the proper way to behave with pepper spray, you are protecting yourself and making yourself invulnerable whenever you go out doing what you love to do.
So, just hit your web browser, search and you will have lots of options.


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  1. Nice read. Will definitely buy a pepper spray. Can you suggest a good brand?

    1. Jessica, I personally use Mace pepper spray. They are very handy to carry anywhere you go.


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