Fascination with Fascinators!

Fascination with FascinatorsPersonally I think most fascinators look rather pretentious and stupid! I honestly can say I have not seen many adaptations and creation of the fascinator that improve the wearer’s overall looks. I do love hats and have enjoyed being a wearer of head gear for many different occasions. As we know, for the most part hats do normally have some kind a function. They were created to protect us from the elements; the sun, or the rain, or to keep our ears warm in the cold weather. They can also be worn to protect from paparazzi. Caps and sunglasses are a well recognized disguise. They are also worn as a status or as a uniform , for example with priests and train guards. However, for hundreds of years hats have also been created to be worn just for the fun of it. They are worn as the topping off of a beautiful elegant outfit. But, it seems to me that most fascinators have pushed the “for the fun of it” to the limits of becoming ridiculous. Like “modern art”, there are some forms that really defy art or reason.

Fascination with Fascinators 2Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie example of topping off their wedding outfits with those craziest of fascinator as a head decoration just left me frowning and fascinated at how they just did not work to improve the wearers’ appearance. Was the objective to get attention? In which case the fascinators worked, but then they would have had their share of the spot light being the cousins of the Prince. Princess Beatrice has her own unique beauty she would have been better advised to highlight that instead of wearing that toilet roll holder on her head!!:)

As I am a Brit I could assume that maybe it is another example of their humor! Our daughter got married last July 4th and we had a number of family members from the other side of the pond from the UK and my husband’s side from Germany turn up with fascinators packed in their suitcases to wear under the California sun at the garden wedding! Luckily we had planned for the sun and provided white umbrellas’ for them all to protect them from frying in the heat of the late afternoon sun.

Maybe I need to hear from you and if you would wear a fascinator like the one Princess Beatrice wore?

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