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Monday, August 16, 2010

New World Porter (Avery)

New World Porter (Avery)

Ratebeer 3.7 98th percentile
Beer Advocate B+

Taste +4

This brew pours with the hugest, fluffiest head. You cannot see through this black fluid, but the edges do offer a ruby glow. The word here is sweet, sweet, sweet; not without balance. You also get some big roast, bitter chocolate and juicy resinous hops. As you fill up don't forget to notice the creamy mouthfeel with low carbonation.

Aftertaste +2

Gee.. a porter with a long lingering of roasted bitter chocolate; never saw that coming. The dry and slightly astringent linger: shocking. Smartass sarcasm aside, it was good.

Alcohol Content +1 6.7%

Why can't anyone make a 6.9% brew?

Value +1

This was the 5th beer I sampled tonight. If I can taste this one, it must be good.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Oh forget it!

Overall 9/10

I know..any porter that is half decent get a 9/10; but this one deserves it. The uber-roastiness did not overpower the chocolate and juicy hops.

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