Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Boss Porter (Poland)

Black Boss Porter (Poland)

There must be something about Polish beers, I have liked every one that I have tried.

Taste +4

This beer is black as black can be, almost as dark as my parole officers heart. A true strong porter all the way; noses of roasted malt, espresso and peat. The taste is what you would expect from the nose, heavy on the dark chocolate, roasted coffee and light bits of licorice.

Aftertaste +2

Nice finish of dark fruits (plums) and tingle of alcohol.

Alcohol +1 9.4%

Ouch, you can taste the ethanol on this one. It doesn't stop you from wanting to drink more and more.

Value +1

Sadly this came from the Bottleworks in Seattle. It was only $2.99US for 500ml, this was a great deal for the flavour.

Ingame Enhancement +1

I don't remember what I was doing while sampling this beer. But I do remember was that I couldn't physically finish typing of the review. I was flying Executive Class and had quite a few gin and tonics; I couldn't feel my fingers.


This is a stellar beer. If you like dark porters/stouts, this beer is a must.


Anonymous said...

great bang for the buck on all fronts

Anonymous said...

yeah i love this beer. It has been on my favorite list for a year or 2 now.