Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bah Humbug - Preparing for the Holidays

Flavius: ..this is the most wonderful time of the year...
Meterman: Caught up in the Christmas spirit in early November, you must have just been to Costco.
F: Nope. This is when all the winter and seasonal beers are released.
M: Leave it to you to associate the holiday season with drinking more alcohol.
F: Yup! My inlaws are coming! Screw the eggnog and fruitcake; make mine a 15 pack of Lucky Lager and a pocket bottle of Jagermeister!
M: ..Joy to the world the beers have come..

Bah Humbug by Wychwood

Usually anything by this brewery is a good choice. They also have some of the coolest bottles and artwork. I hope I get the t-shirt and beer gift set this year.

Taste +4

This is a great tasting, smooth beer. Very apparent flavours of malt sweetness, light cinnamon and dried fruits. There are subtle tastes of spices such as cloves and coriander. Very low carbonation, which is the English ale way.

Aftertaste +2

Lightly sweet and spicy with just a hint of malt. The burps taste great.

Alcohol Content 0 5%

You don't drink this beer to get messed up.

Value +1

This was $3.50 for 500ml from BCLS . A very good flavour to dollar ratio. I wish I had bought two.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Played GRID on easy mode. Some days you just feel the need to win.

Overall 8/10

Do not wait for this to appear in your stocking on Christmas morning. I know you have been a very bad boy this year (especially LK for knifing me). Just buy yourself one or two; don't forget to pick up a Father John's Winter Ale also.

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