Friday, November 7, 2008

Nelson FacePlant Winter Ale and a new beginning

Meterman: Flavius why is every single light on in your house are you are cowering in the basement?
M: Wait, I'm not a zombie because.... I have a medkit!! Here I will heal you.
F: Thats not a Medkit, its beer can.
M: Whatever, it makes you feel better, doesn't it.
F:Yes! Yes it does. Good you are not a zombie.
M: How long have you been playing that Left 4 Dead Demo.
F: Not sure, what time is it now?
M: Wrong answer, you are cut off. Even your oven light is on.

FacePlant Winter Ale (Nelson Brewing Company)

I like this BC Brewery, everything they make tastes great. Their Nelson Afterdark Ale is especially good.

Taste +4

This is one easy drinking beer. Just enough flavours of malt and brown sugar to keep things interesting. Only the slightest of hoppy bitterness.

Aftertaste +2

The sweetness lingers on and has an almost bran flake taste to it.

Alcohol content 6% +1

Be very careful with this one. The cans are stacking up on the table one after the other. This is a very easy drinking beer. Not the kinda drinking where you think it is like water, but the kinda drinking where you look forward to the next sip.

Value +1

For $12 a six pack, well worth it.

Ingame Enhancement +1

I cracked open one of these brews to calm my nerves after trying the Left 4 Dead Demo. MOMMYYY. I'm so glad I prebought; I plan to take the 19th and 20th off work.


This is good all around beer, sure to be a regular in the CLAN ARC beer fridge. It might even replace the Holsten Festbock.

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