Sunday, November 16, 2008

Duchesse de Bourgogne and a taste for blood

Flavius: I have found the perfect beer. All these other inferior red ales must be discarded.
Meterman: How many have you had?
F: 6 or 7. I admit I'm a bit blurry.
M: Perhaps you should have waited until after work to pour all the red stuff down the sink
M: OK Flav, tell these fine people where you work and what you are really pouring down the sink.
F: I work at the blood bank and currently I am pouring a bottle of Type O...Oh shit.
M: Bela Lugosi. Table for one.

Taste +5

This is the biggest tasting beer so far. The initial nose is full of malt vinegar and relish. Every single gulp reveals a new flavour: green apple, sour cherries, wine and mayonnaise. The brew provides a sensation like drinking sparkling apple juice. Taste after taste reveals something; you will not get tired of drinking this beer.

Aftertaste +2

Very effervescent with linger tastes of sour bing cherries and tart fruits. Then the aftertaste just vanishes.

Alcohol +1 6.2%

You can't taste the alcohol through all the other flavours.

Value +1

You could charge double for this beer and I would still buy it. At $3.27 for 330ml the price is a little indulgent, but you are worth it.

Ingame enhancement +1

You could telegraph the final score before I posted the enhancement factor. Just sitting at home, drinking good beer and playing GRID (easy setting) on Playstation; life does not get any better.

Overall 10/10 BOW-CHICA-WOW-WOW

This is a new CLAN ARC favourite. The flavours are very complex and will not disappoint. You must like big tasting beers. If you were disappointed by my unfavourable review of Lucky Lager, stay away from this one. These beers are at the opposite ends of the taste spectrum.

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