Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tin Whistle Chocolate Cherry Porter and playing the field.

Flavius: Left 4 Dead is great; you get to play both sides!
Meterman: Just like last weekend, skippy.
F:Huh? I got to be a Boomer and throw up all over people.
M: Just like last weekend, Chuck.
F: Under my feet. I as played as a Hunter and jumped on people and tried to tear their clothes off.
M: Aren't you forgetting the restraining order from last weekend.
F: Hmm. The best part was being the Smoker and wagging my tongue around.
M: Just like you are doing right now, witch.
F: At least I thought I was playing L4D last weekend..

Tin Whistle Chocolate Cherry Porter (Penticton, BC)

This is smaller brewery in BC, which has a lot of beer in most liquor and cold beer and wine stores.

Taste +1

There was a small nose of chocolate malt. The taste is just like the label states. This brew is a standard, slightly bitter porter with mild tastes of dark chocolate and cherries. There is just a little hint of sweetness.

Aftertaste 0

The only taste left was a slight dark chocolate bitterness.

Alcohol content 0 5.5%

Value 0

It costs about $5 for 650ml, so it is not the greatest value.

Ingame Enhancement 0

My parents were in town so couldn't play L4D. I didn't want to explain to them why their son was playing ultraviolent zombie video games soon after reading his little girl bedtime stories. But I did get to watch Terry Jenkins beat Phil Taylor on the 2007 World Matchplay of darts, which was the next best thing.

Overall 1/10

If you are into flavoured porters or want to try something a little different, this beer might be for you. I wouldn't buy it again.

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