Monday, November 10, 2008

Drake's Imperial Stout and Executive Class guilt

Drake's Imperial Stout.

F: As I write this I am sitting in Air Canada Executive Class. That's correct, I am on the party side of the curtain.
M: **Please note Meterman is not here. He always travels Economy with the rest of the cattle.**
F: One might experience a certain amount of guilt as they watch their fellow passengers stagger back to the room filled with screaming children and cramped quarters. This guilt is easily suppressed with a few complementary gin and tonics.

Drakes Imperial Stout

This is your standard Imperial stout; dark, complex and thick. Not unlike Meterman; except he is pastey white. I picked this bottle up at a Whole Foods in Las Vegas. It was an impulse buy, as my wife and I finished off the bottle of sparkling wine in our limo. Sadly this type of behaviour and indulgence is not a regular occurrence on the Clan ARC budget.
Enough about me and my opulence and more about the beer. Oh nice, a warm face towel just came by in Executive class.

Flavour +3

As with all Imperial Stouts there are thick flavours of chocolate and espresso. The real distinguishing characteristic of a good imperial stout is the lack of bitterness. This brew has that full imperial flavour, but lacks the bitterness that is sometimes present. There is almost no carbonation which is essential; you DO NOT want to burp this stuff up.

Aftertaste +2

It does coat the mouth, but there is no lingering bitterness; only sweetness. There is a slight phenolic aftertaste, which is pleasant.

Alcohol +1 8.75%

This is approximate because they use an old form of measurement. Be warned, you can not taste the alcohol in this brew.

Value +1

This brew was 2.99US for 500ml. Not a stellar bargain, but worth it for the taste.

Ingame +1

Actually there was no game this night. I watched Forbidden Kingdom (Jackie Chan and Jet Li) instead. It was a great Kung Fu Epic, so I guess it counts as a positive score.


If your like Imperial Stouts this is sure to please. If you have never found a stout you liked, maybe you have never tried this one.

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