Monday, November 10, 2008

Brasserie Des Rocs Brune and no time for small talk

Brasserie des rocs Brune
Belgian brown ale

F: Well there is a huge back log of beers to review, so no witty banter from Clan ARC.
M: I cant' recall anything you have ever said that was witty.
F: Hey, I thought you were my friend..
M: I can't recall ever saying that I was your...
F: FINE, forget I even said anything.
M: I'm sorry were you still speaking.

This is a formidable beer to look at; huge 750ml bottle, its corked, and has a high alcohol content. This is one to impress (or scare) your friends with, but how does it taste?

Taste +4
Slight wisps of hazelnuts greet you as you dive into this cloudy dark amber ale. There is almost no carbonaztion but there a lot of floaties. Full palate flavours of light citrus,caramel and bing cherries. It is not often than I call a beer earthy.

Aftertaste +1

It fades too quickly but it leaves that nice bing cherry coating.

Alcohol Content +1 9%

Be very careful, this is a stealthy knockout beer. It is a big bottle, easy drinking, tasty and you can't taste the alcohol.

Value 0

A 750ml bottle for $7.99 US is not a great deal, but I have not seen it on the west coast of Canada.

Ingame enhancement +1

WOOT, I did better than most of the other players. Even in spite of the fact that I had a high blood alcohol content. There has been much debate about the influence of alcohol and gaming; both arguing its enhancement or detriment. I am in the camp of enhancement. The sauce can relax the twitchiness, improve flow and calm the frustration and anger responses.

Score 7/10

Not quite a headshot, but it is high in the rankings. If you can get this one, try it. You will almost certainly like it, if you can get past the floaties.

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