Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trappist Achel Blond (Belgium)

Trappist Achel Blond beer

I had big hopes for this beer. It came highly recommended by the guy at Bottleworks. Or maybe he said don't take this swill it tastes like expensive camel piss. I forget.

Taste -2

Now I remember what he said. This beer was like drinking moonshine from your uncles garage. Except in this case your uncle threw in a few tablets of bubbly Eno to be funny. It was fizzy, bland and harsh tasting. There was a surprising lack of flavour.

Aftertaste -1

It was too fizzy and produced trucker like belches. You do NOT want to taste this beer twice. Aftertaste was rather like sawdust.

Alcohol content +1 8%

I felt that I was obligated to say something positive about this beer.

Value -1

You couldn't pay me to drink this again. I only drank it because I drove it 300miles. I should have driven it back.

Ingame Enhancement -1

Blech! I never played this night. I was too busy brushing my tongue.

Overall -4/10

I doubt zombies would drink this stuff. I might stock a bottle or two; it might be useful to scare off the undead. Perhaps I may have gotten a bad bottle or just don't like Belgian Blonde beers, because it got a high rating on beer advocate.

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