Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dads Little Helper - A Good Tale of Malt Liquor

Meterman: Oh no, what the hell is this! You brought malt liquor to the party. We are not wanna-be rappers!
Flavius: Its OK my hommie, its from Rogue. And yes I know almost every beer-drinking male has a bad memory associated with malt liquor.

Dads Little Helper Malt liquor by Rogue

Taste +4

This amber coloured brew gives off a nose of apple cider vinegar. It was a nice flavour, almost halfway better a pilsner and a full on Belgian beer. A slight effervescent sensation high on the palate gave flavours of malt, corn and light fruits (peaches). Meterman gave it a 5; Flavius gave it a 3.

Aftertaste 0

Not much just a lingering malt sweetness with a little fruit.

Alcohol Content +1 8.5%

You can certainly taste it on this one.

Value 0

Its a good beer but not cheap.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Anynight that you drink malt liquor and play GRID on PS3 is a good night

Overall 6/10

If you are trying to purge your mind of bad malt liquor memories, then this beer is the place to start. Just remember to drink only one or two.

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