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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why do I keep mentioning casks?

I like casks. Why do I like casks? It is not just because they contain beer; although that helps. I like casks because they provide brewers with an opportunity to experiment. Everytime you drink cask beer, you sample a one of a kind beverage. This beverage was hand made by the brewer especially for your tasting pleasure. Well maybe for you and thirty of your friends. Hopefully this trend will continue in Victoria.

Speaking of casks; Clive's Classic lounge has a Salt Spring Island cask on Thursday. How about we spare me the typing and read from the press release:

Our Golden Ale is most definitely a session ale – actually it won Gold for ‘best session ale’ at Vancouver Craft Beer Week last year. It also has won 2 national gold medals for ‘best cream ale’ and ‘best Golden/Blonde ale’ at the Canadian Brewing Awards. It’s light and highly quaffable, but with a really good balance of biscuity malt & citrusy hops. The cask version is dry-hopped with a special edition of our own Salt Spring Nugget hops. If you already like our Golden Ale, you will LOVE this aromatic casked version.

Our Golden Ale is a great beer with almost any kind of savoury food. It would be amazing with aged cheddar cheese, nuts, Italian food, pizza, beef sliders etc.
Sounds good to me. See you there

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Casks

Don't forget this November 11th at 5pm - hey that's tomorrow! - there will be a Salt Spring Island cask at Clive's Classic Lounge in the Chateau Victoria. This will be a cask version of their Pale Ale. I have tried this one before and liked it. It claims to be a session beer, i.e. a beer that is lower in alcohol. I tend to classify 'session' beers as something under 5%ABV, like the beers at Moon under Water. But the cask will be 5%ABV so it is close enough.

Lets see what their write up sounded like:
"light copper....double-hopped with East Kent Goldings... nutty-toffee malts... flowery hops..."
Yup, sounds good I'm in. I hope no one comes; that way there will be more beer for me!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Cask Days Revisited

As my readers will know, all four of them, I rarely get out. This week I am temporarily a bachelor. As such, I am unable to cook for myself. Naturally this raises the question, "Who will feed me?" Since the cat was not forthcoming with a meal plan, I went to Clive's Classic Lounge for dinner.
Why would a beer geek like me go to a cocktail bar for dinner? Two reasons: uber delish ratatouille and Shawn. Shawn was not on the menu, but he did satisfy all my imbibing needs. I was not supposed to mention the wood aged negroni; so I will not. What I will mention is that there will be another cask night, Thursday August 5. The flavour this month will be organic rhubarb Berliner Weisse . This is one style I have not tried before. Generally the Berliner Weisse style is a weak wheat beer. It is drank quite young which imparts a refreshing and sour taste to this cloudy beer. Weak wheat beers are perfectly suited for flavouring with fruit or herbal syrups. Apparently the rhubarb was grown by a VIB employee using spent grains from the brewery. Hopefully there will be some left when I get there.
BTW I also had a De Koninck and a Nostradamus.
Don't forget that there was a rumour of a La Trappe cask and possible Delirium Tremens ON TAP! Delirium is a beer perfectly paired with anything; even breakfast cereal and breath mints.