Friday, July 30, 2010

Cask Days Revisited

As my readers will know, all four of them, I rarely get out. This week I am temporarily a bachelor. As such, I am unable to cook for myself. Naturally this raises the question, "Who will feed me?" Since the cat was not forthcoming with a meal plan, I went to Clive's Classic Lounge for dinner.
Why would a beer geek like me go to a cocktail bar for dinner? Two reasons: uber delish ratatouille and Shawn. Shawn was not on the menu, but he did satisfy all my imbibing needs. I was not supposed to mention the wood aged negroni; so I will not. What I will mention is that there will be another cask night, Thursday August 5. The flavour this month will be organic rhubarb Berliner Weisse . This is one style I have not tried before. Generally the Berliner Weisse style is a weak wheat beer. It is drank quite young which imparts a refreshing and sour taste to this cloudy beer. Weak wheat beers are perfectly suited for flavouring with fruit or herbal syrups. Apparently the rhubarb was grown by a VIB employee using spent grains from the brewery. Hopefully there will be some left when I get there.
BTW I also had a De Koninck and a Nostradamus.
Don't forget that there was a rumour of a La Trappe cask and possible Delirium Tremens ON TAP! Delirium is a beer perfectly paired with anything; even breakfast cereal and breath mints.

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