Friday, July 2, 2010

Hockley Stout

Hockley Stout

Ratebeer 3.07 53rd percentile
Beer Advocate B

Taste +4

This was one of the first craft beers that opened my eyes. The flavours are just as I remembered them. The aroma was roasted malts with thin coffee. Toasted malts carried a creamy light bitter chocolate all over the mouth. Your mouthfeel was full with low carbonation and oily vanilla highlights.

Aftertaste +1

Oddly the aftertaste didn't last that long. It was a dry and crisp ending. Only a slight roast and bitter chocolate remained.

Alcohol Content -1 4.2%

Even better at almost session strength.

Value +1

This is a great stout; mild in alcohol but big in flavour.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Toronto provides a great opportunity to sample all the great craft beers available in Ontario.

Overall 6/10

This is a great dry stout. The flavours of roasted coffee and bitter chocolate are packed with low alcohol to make this an easily repeatable beer.

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