Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Great Irish Stout Blind Taste Test

F: I have been looking forward to this article for quite a while; The Great Irish Stout Blind Taste Test.
M: For once I have to agree, but this by no means a complete test.
F: No way, we were only able to obtain the big three exported Irish Dry Stouts (Guinness, Murphy's and Beamish).
M: This test was done just like the Pepsi Taste Challenge, only we used beer. We each got three unmarked glasses and had to taste each one and try to guess the beer.

Beer #1 (Murphy's)

F: This one poured to leave a creamer, more bubbly head. It had the most malty sweetness, with a touch of chocolate and coffee. I rate this beer #1 and guess Beamish.
M: Tastes like a watered down real stout. I rate this beer #2 and guess who cares.
Beer #2 (Beamish)

F: This one is more chocolaty, a little more roasty and a little more watered down than the rest. I rate this beer #2 and guess Murphy's.
M: Yup, tastes like a stout. I rate the beer #3 and I guess you should shut up.

Beer #3 (Guinness)

F: This is Guinness, I have drank enough of these to recognize the very creamy head and carbonation on the inside of the glass. This is the most bitter of the lot, with the standard watered down slightly bitter aftertaste. I rate this beer #3
M: Thanks for ruining the taste test jerk. This one actually has some full flavour. I rate this beer #1 and just to piss you off I will guess Murphy's.

Overall winner Beer #1 Murphy's

Rate Beer 3.34 73rd percentile
Beer Advocate B+

Taste +3

This is your classic example of Dry Irish Stout at its best. You have to wait for this beer to settle after its poured. It give off almost no nose, maybe a bit of toast. The flavour is quite watery; but after a good mouthful you can pick up mild tastes of malt, chocolate and coffee.

Aftertaste +1

Goes down real easy, with just the slight lingering of coffee and chocolate sweetness.

Alcohol Content -1 4.0%

These are easy drinking beers for sure. You can't drink to many though; they sit like a heavy meal in your gut.

Value 0

Sadly cans of Murphy's are not available in BC. Guinness has the market totally cornered. This brew is available on tap at a few higher end gastro-pubs around Victoria.

Ingame Enhancement +1

An almost perfect evening. After chugging a few good stouts and calling it science, we headed down the LAN room for some side by side L4D action. The sound delay from each other's speakers was a little disorientating though.

Overall Score 4/10

These beers should always have a reserved spot in your beer fridge. Everybody has a friend that loves a good, cold Irish Stout. I you don't have one, stock your fridge with Murphy's and I will be that friend.


Anonymous said...

I currently live in the UK. I have been a loyal Guinness drinker for many years but one of my students bought me a 4 pack of Murphy's...I'm hooked. I just broke up with Guinness.

Unknown said...

IMHO Murphy's is better. A little sweeter and a tad richer

Joe S. said...

Been travelling Ireland for the last three weeks. Finally got down to Co Cork, and it has been Beamish, and Murphy's all the way. I've even picked up a set of pint glasses for each at the pubs along the way. They all drink very easy, including Guinness, but my preference is Murphy's.

Unknown said...

Haven't had Beamish in years, one day I shall revisit