Monday, December 15, 2008

White Bark Wheat Ale and A Shameless Plug

Flavius: We need to get more readers. Maybe my friends could plug the website when they play.
Meterman: Sure. Why not check your Facebook page for your friend options. Sadly, I don't think your Mom plays Left 4 Dead.
F: My Mom is my only friend on Facebook. Why don't you ever accept my invites?
M:No way, I have higher standards, but I am a friend of you Mom's. BTW she rocks at CS 1.6!
F: Maybe we should try the porn keywords for more spider-bot hits.
M: Great idea, it worked well for your Mom's blog.

White Bark (Unfiltered Wheat Ale) - Driftwood Brewery
Ratebeer 2.94 Unrated percentile
Beer Advocate ?

This brew is from the new guys in Victoria. This town certainly has enough capacity for new brewers.

Taste +4

This is a very nicely done wheat ale; very light with hints of wheat, citrus fruits and coriander. Beers this light usually have that yeasty bread taste which is nice.

Aftertaste +1

It quickly fades away and you can taste the aromatic barley and light orange.

Alcohol 0 5.0%

Enough said; at this strength you could drink a few and not worry about losing consciousness.

Value +1

It is similarly priced with other local craft beers; about $4.5o for 650ml. In this case it is a great deal for the flavour you get.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Any day that you can come in from sledding to shoot zombies in foot-race mode is a good day.

Overall 7/10 VERY NICE

This is a very easy drinking beer. Most likely I will buy this one again.

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