Friday, December 26, 2008

Phillips Burley Wine 2008

Phillips Burley Wine 2008

Ratebeer 3.34 73 percentile
Beer Advocate B+

No preamble, just straight to the review.

Taste +2

The nose is nothing but grain (barley) and alcohol. The first sip is a strong bite of bitter/sour fruits which is strangely addictive. The next flavour that follows is the slight bitterness of hops. There is almost no carbonation. Overtop of it all is a big mouthful of sweet bing cherries.

Aftertaste 0

You are left with this mouthful of rotting fruit that slowly fades.

Alcohol +1 9.5%

Ouch, one can easily drink this beer very quickly. You can taste the alcohol, but the big malt and fruit flavours make it more palatable.

Value +1

In terms of alcohol to cost ratio, this one can't be beat at $5 for 650ml.

Ingame Enhancement +1

After quickly finishing off this beer, the zombies didn't seem so scary.

Overall 5/10

This is a beer to have once a year, and that is about it

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