Saturday, January 3, 2009

Obsidian Stout and Self Improvement

Flavius: I have decided to read some self-help books.
Meterman: Do they have one big enough for you?
F: This book will help me find my inner potential.
M: What do you plan to use to find your inner potential? A microscope or the Hubble telescope?
F: I hope to explore my infinite possibilities for happiness and fulfillment.
M: This book must be called, "Find you inner needle in the hay stack of life."

Obsidian Stout (Deschutes Brewery USA)

Beer Advocate A-
Ratebeer 3.78 96th percentile

I am very biased on this review; this is perhaps the greatest beer I have ever tasted. Whenever I visit the States, I make it a top priority to drink and bring home several cases of this beer. That and caffeinated Mountain Dew.

Taste +5

It tastes like angels peeing on my tongue. There is the nose of vinegar, bitter chocolate, coffee and toffee. The first sip (note not a gulp) fills the mouth with roasted barley, malt and a pleasant bitterness. After the initial bitter sting leaves the more decadent flavours of dark chocolate and coffee drift around your mouth like Ken Block.

M: The correct quote is "angels crying on your tongue" golden shower boy. This stout is not too thick, which is very nice. Anyone can make a stout; but a good stout balances thickness, bitterness and roasted flavours well. This brew excells.

Aftertaste +2

Generous flavours of bitter chocolate and roast lingers for a long time. You can't wait to take your next sip.

Alcohol Content +1 6.4%

You can't taste it through the bitterness.

Value +1

I don't care how much this stuff costs; it is worth it. If I remember correctly, the price was on par with other craft brews. It comes in the standard 6-pack bottle style and can be found almost anywhere.

Ingame Enhancement +1

I waited 3 months to drink this beer; it called to me at night. A promise was made to share a bottle with an old friend. This person arrived on Christmas eve, so it was time to crack this one open. I think she was talking to me; I never noticed. My mind was savouring the beer.

Overall 10/10 BOOM HEADSHOT

If you ever catch sight of this beer, you owe it to yourself to try it. If you don't feel like trying a world class beer, then at least buy two 6-packs and bring them to me.

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