Monday, January 12, 2009

3 Monts (France)

3 Monts (France)

Rate beer 3.41 79th percentile
Beer Advocate B+

This one wins points for the most complicated bottle to open.

Taste +2

Almost no nose, perhaps very light honey and smell of carbonation. It had a very light taste of honey, vanilla and almonds, rather like Heineken but with a kick. Heavy on the carbonation. There was this notable wheat taste through the whole bottle.

Aftertaste 0

It was a very clean and unremarkable dry finish, maybe a bit of grain sweetness. This stuff kept coming back with the numerous burps from the heavy carbonation, which didn't seem out of place.

Alcohol Content +1 8.5%

Ouch, this was a stealth beer. After I finished this off, I could barely feel my hands.

Value 0

This was almost $8 for the 750ml bottle. It also required an engineering degree and special tools to open the bottle (see photo).

Ingame Enhancement +1

This beer was after the Innis and Gunn, I was feeling no pain. I wish I could say the same for the zombies. I think 3.2 million zombies were injured in the making of this evening.

Overall 4/10

This was a nice beer, but nothing remarkable. The added alcohol content made it fun.

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