Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yellow Snow IPA and New Year Resolutions

Flavius: Have you made any New Year resolutions?
Meterman: I resolve to simplify my life.
F: Very modern of you, focus on what's important.
M: Yup, you're the first thing to go; you are to complicated and unimportant.
F: I resolve to not let negative comments and thoughts affect my sense of inner peace.
M: Great now I don't have to feel so guilty.

Yellow Snow IPA (Rogue)

Beer Advocate B+
Rate beer 3.68 93rd percentile

Anything by Rogue provides a unique tasting beer experience. These beers are not for the faint of heart or soft of palate. If you think Alexander Keiths is a great IPA, stay away from the Rogue. The Rogue XXX Stout is the nastiest thing in a bottle; one step below draino. I can't get enough of these beers; I have had my fill of draino.

Taste +4

The nose is straight up aromatic hops and apricots. The taste is the same full IPA hoppiness. The flavour of hops is hard to describe; put this beer at a 7/10 for hoppiness. A rating of 10 being undrinkable-pucking-taste-bud-shattering. Some Phillips IPA's reach a 8 or 9. Alexander Keiths might rate as a 3. It does fill the mouth with full hop bitterness. Hidden amungst the floaties are flavours of grapefruit and just a bit of malt sweetness.

Aftertaste +2

Very nice for an IPA. Pleasant and long lasting slight bitterness; it lasts for over one minute. Yes, I did time it.

Alcohol +1 7.5%

I'm sure there is alcohol in there somewhere.

Value +1

This one set me back $6.95 for 650ml at a local CBAW (Cold Beer and Wine). Well worth it if you are an IPA fan.

Ingame (Life) Enhancement +1

I shared this beer with my father on Christmas day. Whenever I get a reaction of "great beer, what is it?" from the old man, it scores high marks.


It is a rare day that I find an IPA that I truely like, but this is the one. Don't rush out an buy this IPA and suck it back, you might hurt yourself. Warm up with a few Keiths, usually after a Irish whisky shot.

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