Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yankee Jim Ice Bock

Yankee Jim Ice Bock

Beer Advocate C-
Rate Beer 1.58 2nd percentile

I have reservations about buying beers in 500ml cans. They are used to efficiently export mass amounts of beer a great distance. This may be good if they are extremely popular and people all over the world love drinking lots of this beer. Conversely, the beer was overwhelmingly rejected in its home nation and needed to be sent far away. The later is the case with Jim's Ice Botch.

Taste +1

Technically it is beer, though not really an ice bock. Ice bocks have bold luscious flavours, this beer does not. It poured dark amber with almost no carbonation. The smell was icy malt sweetness, much lighter than a Hermannator. The taste was a nice malt sweetness with little bitterness. It did have this odd mineral taste; perhaps because the solvent notes had started to dissolve the can. This brew was very light for a ice bock; maybe if they added less water it might have tasted pretty good.

Aftertaste 0

The slightest solvent bite faded to leave a light sweetness. This was a very easy drinking beer. Water is also very easy drinking.

Alcohol Content +1 6.5%

You could get a little alcohol bite on the tongue and throat; perhaps due to lack of masking flavours.

Value -1

I think I paid $3 for this 500ml can at a cold beer and wine. I should have bought a Holsten instead.

Ingame Enhancement +1

At least the virtual company was good. Nightware, Meterman and I left a long trail of zombie parts after almost an hour of gameplay.

Overall 2/10

I don't think this beer gets a lot of repeat customers. If you took away the Zombie and alcohol scores you get a 0.

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