Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blackheart Oatmeal Stout

Blackheart Oatmeal Stout - Nelson Brewing

Rate beer 3.06 48th percentile
Beer Advocate B

Every brewery needs a specialty. Nelson Brewing does nothing but organic beers; nice! Everything I have tried from them is nice; usually nothing spectacular but most certainly above average.

Taste +3

The nose shows hints of smoked grain, coffee and campfires. The first taste is a little watery and hollow for a stout. Showing here is my own bias; I like my stouts thick. There was a little roasted chestnut and smoked toast. This went well with the usual flavours of bitter chocolate, roasted malt and oatmeal.

Aftertaste +2

The finish was all smoke and was nice and long.

Alcohol content 0 5.7%

Well we almost got somewhere. This is little above the norm for a regularly produced light stout.

Value +1

This is a great deal on a bottle six-pack ,$12 for an organic stout that tastes great!

Ingame Enhancement 0

I don't think I did anything this night. Hopefully those Zombies were preparing their living wills.

Overall 6/10

This is very drinkable beer, even for a stout. If you like your stouts a little on the light side, this one is for you. There are still two in my fridge right now. Writing this review is making my mouth water. If you want to try the next step up, go for the St. Ambroise oatmeal stout.

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