Sunday, January 11, 2009

Red Stripe Lager (Jamaica)

Red Stripe Lager (Jamaica)
Beer Advocate C
Rate beer 2.21 10th Percentile

I have seen this beer almost everywhere. We bought this one an impulse at a CBAW. This decision is further proof that you should never visit a CBAW after have a few; especially without a list.

Taste +1

I am sounding like a broken record now, but this tastes like every other imported lager. Hmmm lets rattle off the list; light flavours of honey, corn and fresh cut grass. This one had a slight metallic bite to it. Oh, I almost forgot it was far too carbonated.

Aftertaste 0

The lingering bitterness that followed the sweet honey was also to be expected. Luckily it finished clean.

Alcohol Content -1 4.7%

Holy @$@#, this is a surprise, it is less than 5%.

Value -1

You get 6x330ml stubbie bottles for about $12. You could have bought a 6 pack of Blue, used a felt marker to put a red stripe on the can and never known the difference. You would have also saved a few bucks and reduced your carbon footprint.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Well, I did have fun playing SingStar for PS3 with an old University buddy, this helped dull the pain of getting rocked by drinking crappy beer.

Overall 0/10 BLECK

I'm done wasting words.

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