Monday, January 12, 2009

Red Racer Classic Pale Ale (Central City) and L4D etiquette

Flavius: WOOT, that night of L4D with Nightware and Painkiller was awesome.
Meterman: It was fun but we need a little online etiquette from you?
M: DO NOT burp into the mic, it makes us think a Boomer is around.
M: You also gotta a quit smoking; it is confusing us.
F: HACK, sorry
M: BTW, whenever you die; your whining sounds just like a witch!
F: Maybe I should turn off my mic.
M: Not maybe!

Red Racer Classic Pale Ale (Central City)

Rate Beer 3.17 54 percentile
Beer Advocate B+

As all Vancouver Islanders do; I have a love/hate relationship with Vancouver. I hate the ferries, the traffic, the rude people but I love returning to the Island. I was crossing Robson street (at Davies) when I twisted by ankle and fell like a sack of grain. I'm sure someone stepped over me as I lay sprawled out in the middle of the street. Fearing for my life (did I mention that I hate the drivers), I hobbled to the other side of the street. No one offered to help me and only one person asked if I was OK. This beer was the highlight of my trip.

Taste +3

The nose started off with a nice dose of hops. The taste was as expected from the nose, a nice long pull of hoppy bitterness with tones of grapefruit and light citrus. The hops was about 5/10. This all rested on a good backbone of malt sweetness. Overall a good mouth filling beer.

Aftertaste +1

The very slight hop bitterness finished clean.

Alcohol 0 5%

Well your can't expect too much from a mass produced can.

Value +1

This was very reasonable priced for the flavour; $11 for a 6-pack cans.

Ingame Enhancement -1

I spent the evening in my hotel room; leg elevated with my ankle in a tensor bandage.

overall 4/10

This beer was the helping hand that I never got. I found this to be a very enjoyable and drinkable beer. This will certainly be a regular in my fridge.

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