Saturday, January 3, 2009

Year in Review or Beer Flashback

Flavius: This our special year in review edition.
Meterman: I try to forget every moment I spend with you.
F: Lets review our best and worth beers of 2008. Lets start with the worst beer, that way things can only get better.
M: I have that same hope whenever you open your mouth.
F: The worst was La Binshoise Brune.
M: Right, that tasted like composting ripe apples covered with dog turds.
F: The best beer was Obsidian stout, with the runner up Okocim Porter.
M: Let's not forget Hermannator. The only reason I hung out with you this year is so that I could try some of that Obsidian stout.
F: Is there any reason for you to hang out this year?
M: None
F: Did I tell you that I found a local CBAW that sells Thelonius Monk?
M: @#$#, It looks like I will be here for 2009.

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