Thursday, December 4, 2008

La Binchoise Brune - Belgian

Flavius: Hey Meter, we got fan mail.
Meterman: Must be for me.
F: "Dear Clan ARC, I think your reviews are crap. You only give positive reviews;therefore, you must be puppets of the industry. I hope you catch a horrible disease for your disservice to your readers, your country and the world. In closing you suck. Love Anon.
P.S. Meterman don't forget to bring home some bread for the family dinner Sunday.
P.S.S. Flavius you double suck."
M: Aren't Mom's great.

La Binchoise Brune - Belgium

It is rare to find a beer that I don't like..

Taste -3

This beer tastes like burnt malt and BBQ'ed cherries. It had so much carbonation that I thought someone sat on my bottle and farted. Its nose was similar to composting apricots.
Meterman: It was like chewing on the salty side of a BBQ'ed steak.

Aftertaste -1

None what so ever, thank goodness. There was the slight tinging of a mesquite campfire.

Alcohol +1 8.2%

I had to find at least one good thing to say about this beer. You sure could taste the alcohol.

Value -1

It cost about $3 for a 330ml stubby bottle. Did I mention it tasted like toothpaste made with bacon and burnt hair.

Ingame Enhancement -1

I had to brush my teeth and pour this crap down the toilet. On the plus side, it did shatter my palate and Labatt Blue tastes great now.

Overall -5/10 Brewed with dead insects

I should have know that any beer with a bunch of mimes with stupid mustaches and green glasses on the bottle should be avoided.

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