Sunday, December 14, 2008

Instigator Dopplebock - A New Hope

Flavius: is now up and running.
Meterman: Spending $10 for a domain to spruce up your crappy google blog doesn't make these rantings any more enjoyable.
F: This new year will be better. We now have a great banner from T3-Neon.
M: Graffiti in a bathroom doesn't improve the stink. BTW, Neon your banner is very nice. I only visit this blog to look at your artwork.
F: This year we will get more subscribers..
M: Hah, maybe your readership will double; then you will have two readers. Three if you count your Mom.

Instigator Dopplebock (Phillips Brewery)
Ratebeer 2.97 41st percentile
Beer Advocate B

Phillips is a local brewery favourite. Their lineup is a good mix of standards and bolder brewing attempts. The nice part is that they often will release limited brewing runs through the year.

Taste +1

The nose has a little whiff of wet laundry. I had to taste it twice to make sure I wasn't drinking water. There is only the slightest bite of sweet licorice, malt and chocolate. The more you drank the more you could pick these tastes out. Imagine if you took a Hermannator and added water, that is what this beer tastes like. I had a slight cold so I had my wife confirm my tastings; she concured.

Aftertaste 0

It fades very quickly to leave a slight raisin and malt sweetness.

Alcohol +1 8.5%

You can't taste the alcohol at all on this beer.

Value 0

You can pick this one up almost everywhere in Victoria for about $4.50 for 650ml.

Ingame Enhancement 0

Spend the night in real life. I watched Terry Jenkins beat the Canadian John Part in the World Match Play Dart Championship.

Overall 2/10 Meh

It was a very easy drinking beer; kinda like a cup of cold tea. Say you money and buy a six pack of Hermannator instead. It does have a cool trailer though. I have a vague memory that last years batch tasted better.

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