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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Joseph Spelt Beer

Joseph Spelt Beer

It is possible to brew with grains other than barley and wheat. Technically spelt is in the wheat family of grains. One misconception is that spelt is gluten-free; this is not true. As a member of the wheat family it does contain gluten like proteins and is not recommend for people with celiac disease. There are gluten free beers; Greens are a great example. They use rice, sorghum and buckwheat.

Rate Beer 3.06 48th percentile
Beer Advocate B+

Taste +4

The nose is heavy on the yeast, lemons and wheat/spelt aroma. Its taste is just like the aroma; very refreshing and intensely citrus. The photo does not truly represent the fluorescent yellow colour of this beer; it looks almost artificial. If you like heavy carbonated beer, then this one is for you.

Aftertaste +1

The aftertaste is short lived and very reminiscent of lemon pie.

Alcohol Content 0 5%

Value +1

As one of the more unique beers I have tried; this one will be a repeat purchase. Highly recommended for something completely different.

Ingame Enhancement +1

As always there were zombies and there was lead. This combination always leaves a big mess. The best part is that when you turn off your monitor, the clean-up is complete.

Overall 7/10

This was a very refreshing beer. Think of it as Corona on steroids; the perfect summer beer to impress.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stone Imperial Russian Stout Spring 2007 and absolute power..

Meterman: So how is life as an admin?
Flavius: Players know the power I wield! They play differently when I am around.
M: They are giving you space because all the friendly fire you dish out.
F: No Way! It is the fear of being banned.
M: No, it is the fear when you accidentally shoot an alarmed car in expert mode.

Imperial Russian Stout Spring 2007 (Stone Brewing)

Rate Beer 4.22 100th percentile
Beer Advocate A

Taste +4

The nose is just as expected from an imperial stout; coffee, bitter chocolate, molasses and alcohol. To ingest this brew is a little challenging; you must chew it! It feels in the mouth like an espresso infused dark chocolate bar. There is a certain smoothness within this beer; despite the heavy alcohol tingle that travels all over the mouth. I must not forget to mention the roasted malt and black currant flavours.

Aftertaste +1

The roasted malt fades away to leave that mouth coating bitter chocolate. Sadly, the aftertaste is not long enough. It calls you and begs you to drink again.

Alcohol Content +1 10.8%

Ouch! It is hard to taste the booze on this one. Luckily this is a thick, sipping beer. If this one were easy to chug, there would be problems.

Value +1

This is one of the greatest beers I have every tried; I will purchase immediately upon sight.
Ingame Enhancement +1

I had this beer after riding the California Screaming roller coaster with my father. There is a certain satisfaction in hearing your father scream like a little girl.

Overall 8/10 BOOM HEADSHOT

This is a sinfully delicious beer. Anyone who is a fan of the thick stout style will love it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Palo Santo Marron (Dogfish Head) and blog integrity

Flavius: Normally at left4beer we are committed to giving our readers the highest standards of impartial reviews on alcoholic beverages.
Meterman: Right, you are about as impartial as Judge Judy. You also used the word 'Normally', which means that your high standards might dip a little.
F: That's right. We had to tell you, our readers...
M: All seven of them.
F: Shut it. We must tell you about this incredible beer.
M: That is the only reason why I am still here. You won't tell me where you bought it.
Palo Santo Marron by Dogfish Head

Rate beer 3.88 98th Percentile
Beer Advocate A-

This beer is officially classified as a strong American Ale. The claim to fame for this beer is that it was aged on Palo Santo wood from Paraguay. I now have this desire to visit Paraguay and lick a Palo Santo tree.
Taste +5

Wow, this beer has some viscosity when it pours, not unlike a strong imperial stout. It pours as black as my parole officers heart. The nose is very complex; you can pick up vanilla, molasses and cherries. Every drink reveals a new flavour; burnt coffee (the good kind), bitter chocolate, cherries and exotic woods.
Aftertaste +2

This beer sticks around for a while and leaves a residue of wood smoke, caramel and dark fruits. It is all packaged with a pleasant alcohol warmth. There is little carbonation in this brew.
Alcohol Content +1 12%

Whoa partner! We kept sipping this one until it was gone in about 2 minutes. You cannot smell nor taste the alcohol in your glass. Be very careful
Value +1

This beer was not cheap; it cost about $21 for a 4 pack. When one spends this much on a beer, one expects something special. This is the second 4 pack I have purchased and no doubt there will be more.
Ingame Enhancement +1

No game tonight; we just stood at my bar and stared at the fish. All the while enveloped in gastronomic bliss.
This is perhaps one of the most impressive beers I have ever tasted. Only 4 other beers have gotten a perfect 10 at left4beer; Aventinus, Obsidian stout, Hermannator and Okocim Polish Porter.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hammer Imperial Stout (Philips) and Get Rich Quick

Flavius: I found a perfect get rich quick idea.
Meteman: Great, just don't sell both your kidneys.
F: Really. I wish you told me that yesterday. This idea is better; Professional Lottery Player.
M: The lottery is a voluntary tax on people who do not understand statistical probabilities.
F: I'm sure that I can win. I just finished reading this book about finding patterns in ran domness.
M: Can you find the patterns in my random violence?
F: OWW! Why do you keep hitting me?

Hammer Imperial Stout (Phillips)

Rate beer 3.74 93rd percentile
Beer Advocate A

Taste +4

This beer is seasonal and always a treat. The nose is standard imperial stout; roasted coffee, malt, a little chocolate and burnt toast. The taste is rather sweet for an imperial stout. This thick, dark brew shows lots of bittersweet chocolate, coffee bitterness and full roasty tastes. A very drinkable beer.

Aftertaste +2

The bittersweet chocolate sensation lasts for a long, long time. Just before is fades away you get the slightest bite of alcohol.

Alcohol Content +1 8.3%

Yup, its there, but you can't taste it.

Value +1

At the usual craft beer price $5 for 650ml, this is a steal. I plan to get more.

Ingame Enhancement +1

The usual L4d 3 are getting better and better. We are now purposely setting of car alarms just to attract more zombies.


This is truly an exceptional beer. You work hard, you deserve good beer. Buy lots of this one.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yellow Snow IPA and New Year Resolutions

Flavius: Have you made any New Year resolutions?
Meterman: I resolve to simplify my life.
F: Very modern of you, focus on what's important.
M: Yup, you're the first thing to go; you are to complicated and unimportant.
F: I resolve to not let negative comments and thoughts affect my sense of inner peace.
M: Great now I don't have to feel so guilty.

Yellow Snow IPA (Rogue)

Beer Advocate B+
Rate beer 3.68 93rd percentile

Anything by Rogue provides a unique tasting beer experience. These beers are not for the faint of heart or soft of palate. If you think Alexander Keiths is a great IPA, stay away from the Rogue. The Rogue XXX Stout is the nastiest thing in a bottle; one step below draino. I can't get enough of these beers; I have had my fill of draino.

Taste +4

The nose is straight up aromatic hops and apricots. The taste is the same full IPA hoppiness. The flavour of hops is hard to describe; put this beer at a 7/10 for hoppiness. A rating of 10 being undrinkable-pucking-taste-bud-shattering. Some Phillips IPA's reach a 8 or 9. Alexander Keiths might rate as a 3. It does fill the mouth with full hop bitterness. Hidden amungst the floaties are flavours of grapefruit and just a bit of malt sweetness.

Aftertaste +2

Very nice for an IPA. Pleasant and long lasting slight bitterness; it lasts for over one minute. Yes, I did time it.

Alcohol +1 7.5%

I'm sure there is alcohol in there somewhere.

Value +1

This one set me back $6.95 for 650ml at a local CBAW (Cold Beer and Wine). Well worth it if you are an IPA fan.

Ingame (Life) Enhancement +1

I shared this beer with my father on Christmas day. Whenever I get a reaction of "great beer, what is it?" from the old man, it scores high marks.


It is a rare day that I find an IPA that I truely like, but this is the one. Don't rush out an buy this IPA and suck it back, you might hurt yourself. Warm up with a few Keiths, usually after a Irish whisky shot.

Obsidian Stout and Self Improvement

Flavius: I have decided to read some self-help books.
Meterman: Do they have one big enough for you?
F: This book will help me find my inner potential.
M: What do you plan to use to find your inner potential? A microscope or the Hubble telescope?
F: I hope to explore my infinite possibilities for happiness and fulfillment.
M: This book must be called, "Find you inner needle in the hay stack of life."

Obsidian Stout (Deschutes Brewery USA)

Beer Advocate A-
Ratebeer 3.78 96th percentile

I am very biased on this review; this is perhaps the greatest beer I have ever tasted. Whenever I visit the States, I make it a top priority to drink and bring home several cases of this beer. That and caffeinated Mountain Dew.

Taste +5

It tastes like angels peeing on my tongue. There is the nose of vinegar, bitter chocolate, coffee and toffee. The first sip (note not a gulp) fills the mouth with roasted barley, malt and a pleasant bitterness. After the initial bitter sting leaves the more decadent flavours of dark chocolate and coffee drift around your mouth like Ken Block.

M: The correct quote is "angels crying on your tongue" golden shower boy. This stout is not too thick, which is very nice. Anyone can make a stout; but a good stout balances thickness, bitterness and roasted flavours well. This brew excells.

Aftertaste +2

Generous flavours of bitter chocolate and roast lingers for a long time. You can't wait to take your next sip.

Alcohol Content +1 6.4%

You can't taste it through the bitterness.

Value +1

I don't care how much this stuff costs; it is worth it. If I remember correctly, the price was on par with other craft brews. It comes in the standard 6-pack bottle style and can be found almost anywhere.

Ingame Enhancement +1

I waited 3 months to drink this beer; it called to me at night. A promise was made to share a bottle with an old friend. This person arrived on Christmas eve, so it was time to crack this one open. I think she was talking to me; I never noticed. My mind was savouring the beer.

Overall 10/10 BOOM HEADSHOT

If you ever catch sight of this beer, you owe it to yourself to try it. If you don't feel like trying a world class beer, then at least buy two 6-packs and bring them to me.