Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and a Love of Dogs

Flavius: I have a new idea for a TV reality show.
Meterman: I see that your "what not to drink" idea gave you a black eye.
F: This is better, "Extreme Makeover, beer fridge edition."
M: Let me guess, you will go into peoples houses and take away the bad beer and add the good?
F: Yup, kinda like the Grinch that stole my beer.
M: You can start with my house, but nobody else.
F: Oh, what now?
M: First, its breaking and entering and secondly what if they have a Doberman?

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Ratebeer 3.61 91st percentile
Beer Advocate A-

Taste +3

This is perfect example of the style; the hoppy nose is very apparent. The first sip graces the mouth with a full-on hoppy bitterness, mixed with ample carbonation. The bitterness is almost stinging, but very refreshing. All this flavour flows well with the citrus malt backbone.

Aftertaste +2

This amazing hoppiness will not go away; all corners of the mouth and throat are coated with a citrus hop bitterness.
Alcohol Content 0 5.6%

Oddly enough, you could smell and taste the alcohol with every sip. It worked well to enhance the flavours

Value 0

This pale ale was nice and I would highly recommend it to anyone, but I wouldn't buy it again. Not sure why.

Ingame Enhancement 0

No zombies this day. I made a huge sandwich for my buddy Gord and we sat around watching the kids play.

Overall 5/10

This brew was a great example of the American Pale Ale style. If you are looking for a Canadian equivalent, pick up a six pack of Granville Island Brockton IPA.

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