Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pacific Pilsner (100th review)

Pacific Pilsner (Pacific Western Brewing)

Ratebeer 1.41 1st percentile
Beer Advocate D

Taste -2

With a nose of cheap pilsner (corn, newspaper and stale beer), you know the taste is not going to be pretty. As expected, it tastes like carbonated water with a faint hint of high fructose corn syrup and bitter hops.

Meterman: This stuff just tastes like bitter water!

Aftertaste 0

With no taste there can be no aftertaste. Thank goodness.

Alcohol content 0 5%

No redeeming qualities here.

Value -1

It is cheap, a six pack is under $8. You do get what you pay for.

Ingame Enhancement -1

Flavius plugged his nose and chugged. Meterman dumped his down the sink.

Overall -4/10

I believe this is the lowest rating we have given. This beer is meant to be shotgunned. It is a vehicle for ethanol in a socially acceptable form; if your society is a trailer park down by the river.
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