Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bailout Bitter and Carbon Footprints

Meterman: Any luck trying to reduce your carbon footprint?
Flavius: Yup, I sold the Suburban and bought a Smart car. I am eating more organic foods.
M: That is a good start.
F: But I now have to make six trips to get all my kids to school.
M: Sigh. Well at least there are fewer pesticides.
F: Yup, Kiwis jet fresh from New Zealand. Free range eggs from Poland...
M: You do know that they produce organic kiwis and eggs in Victoria.
F: No Way. I have seen those kiwis farms; they spray the kiwi trees.
M: That was the farmers dog you idiot!

Bailout Bitter (Howe Sound)

Ratebeer 2.92 not rated
Beer Advocate A

Taste +3

With only the faintest nose of hop bitterness, I wonder if it would actually be a bitter. Yup, but it was the sweet tangy bitter, not the dry grapefruit hoppy style. These flavours all floated on a sweet pale malt ocean. A good attempt at a English style bitter. Well balanced between the toffee malts and light floral citrus hops.

Aftertaste +1

Very light coating of bitterness was left, almost a light pale ale style.

Alcohol Content 0 5%

Value +1

This was a nice bitter, I think their best bitter was better. The 1 liter pop-topper costs about $7.

Ingame Enhancement 0

I played singstar with friends. No glasses shattered so it was a good night.

Overall 5/10

It is a nice refreshing bitter, enough said.

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