Saturday, April 25, 2009

Granville Island Nut Brown Ale 2009

Granville Island Nut Brown Ale 2009

Ratebeer 3.3 not rated
Beer Advocate B+

Taste +2

Great nose consisting of cashews, pecans and malt. This is a very drinkable brew; the cashew sweetness and roasted barley flavours are pleasantly carbonated. The barely tasteable hop bitterness only appears at the end. More of the bitter flavour became apparent as the beer warmed up.

Aftertaste +1

There was only the slightest of roasted malt left, with just a bit of woodiness.

Alcohol Content 0 5%

Standard for a seasonal beer.

Value +1

Too bad this is a limited edition, I would buy it often. The price was under $5 for a 650ml bomber.

Ingame Enhancement 0

No gaming tonight. I have heard rumours of an expansion pack for L4D.

Overall 4/10

This was a nice drinkable beer. Not very challenging on the palate.

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