Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holsten Premium (100th Review)

Holsten Premium

Ratebeer 2.42 14th percentile
Beer Advocate C+

Taste +1

Nose of nothing. First taste slaps up a weak pale malt finished with lifeless hops. There was maybe a slight pepper taste for a change of pace. No I did not cut and paste from the other reviews

Aftertaste +1

Now this was a change. There actually was a lingering malt sweetness balanced with a floral hop.

Alcohol Content 0 5%

Cut and paste.

Value +1

This does get bonus points for being the cheapest thing in the liquor store. You can get a 500ml can for less than a toonie! I think this is even cheaper than a reusable shopping bag. That means you can return 20 empties and get a beer!

Overall 3/10

I would return another two or three empties and get the Maibock or Festbock instead.
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